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Aligning and Coordinating Systems to Improve Employment Outcomes

October 27, 2016

These slides are from our 2016 national conference, A Nation That Works: What's It Going to Take? Rapid re-housing provides people experiencing homelessness with temporary financial assistance and services to support their exit from homelessness into permanent housing. In recent years, there has been significant investment in rapid re-housing as a key component of ending family homelessness. At the same time, research shows that employment status and economic challenges are often identified as the central causes of family homelessness. As rapid re-housing comes to scale, homeless services, workforce development, and other systems will need to coordinate to ensure that all rapid re-housing participants can access services and supports that will help them succeed in work and stabilize in housing following the end of their rental subsidy. In this session, hear about innovative approaches underway to align and coordinate funding streams and systems, including the public workforce system, so that rapid re-housing participants can succeed in work and move toward economic stability.

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