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America is stronger when everyone who wants to work can find a job. Millions of Americans face chronic unemployment and struggle to find employment even when the economy is strong. Our policy efforts work to ensure that the public workforce development system provides everyone who wants to work, regardless of the barriers they face, the opportunity to do so and that federal, state, and national initiatives to get Americans back to work do not leave out people who face chronic unemployment As part of our work to address inclusive Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) state planning, we are hosting a webinar on our WIOA Planning & Implementation Toolkit and WIOA State Plans. This webinar will lift up the work of advocacy organizations, philanthropy and community based service providers that are helping to ensure WIOA state planning is taking into account the workforce needs and interests of individuals facing barriers to employment. Featured Speakers: Melissa Young , nbsp;National Initiatives on Poverty and Economic Opportunity, Director Erika Rincon Whitcomb , nbsp;Policy Link, Senior Associate Chaer Robert , nbsp;Colorado Center on Law and Policy, Manager of Family Economic Security Program Rebecca Allen , nbsp;Melville Trust, Program Officer Brian Paulson, Pohlad Foundation , Program Officer Matt Joyce , nbsp;Center for Employment Opportunities, Director of Strategic Partnerships The webinar will cover: How organizations are leveraging WIOA state and local plans to serve youth and adults facing barriers to employment What organizations are doing to participate in local/state WIOA planning processes and what they've learned Recommendations for how you can engage in the state and local planning process to ensure that jobseekers facing barriers to employment are supported.

 Listen to a recording of the webinar at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/318214431262560260