Towards a Standardized Job Readiness Framework: Lessons and Curriculum from the Field

Oct 27, 2016 | by
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These slides are from our 2016 national conference, A Nation That Works: What's It Going to Take? While nearly all workforce organizations offer some version of "job readiness" training for their clients, the content covered, delivery methods used, and length vary widely from program to program. This lack of standardization means individual organizations continuously reinvent the wheel in the quest to develop an appropriate job readiness curriculum. To address this inefficiency and help ensure consistent quality of service delivery, the Chicago Job Council's Frontline Focus Training Institute has developed a career readiness framework to standardize job readiness training across the workforce development field. Capitalizing on the best practices collected from the field over the past 10 years, Frontline Focus has developed a job readiness package with nine distinct components. This session will highlight how this framework was developed and is being tested as well as provide an in-depth look at three of the components along with free access to the accompanying, downloadable curriculum.